[Release] Alsa - I Wanna

10 Juni 2022

After launching her second single titled “Na Na Na” at the end of 2021, Alsa is now back with her 3rd single titled “I Wanna”. This single is inspired by the unique events that Alsa herself experienced about her who was experiencing falling in love. She felt that she had found the right person and imagined wanting to spend the days together.


This time, Alsa is not only as a singer but also as a songwriter. The songwriting process of  “I Wanna” is not too long because it is in the right moment and related to Alsa’s experiences. The lyrics of “I Wanna” are very relatable to many people who are in love and imagine how the relationship is lived together.


“I Wanna” is Alsa’s second work as a singing songwriter. In the process, Alsa still involves Gusti Irwan as the producer of “I wanna”. “The song is reverse psychology, where a man can always hide his feelings like sadness wrapped in cheerfulness. I think this fun music is suitable for Alsa because of the K-Pop / J-Pop vibes,” said Gusti Irwan.


“I hope that the song can inspire everyone and be enjoyed by my listeners. Hopefully, healing and happy taste can be felt by listeners who are in love, and by listening to this song hopefully, their feelings are filled with butterflies. Enjoy my song “I Wanna” on your favorite digital streaming platform,” concluded Alsa.


click link for listen “I Wanna” on your favorite digital streaming platform https://lnk.to/Alsa-IWanna

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