[Relase] Jvsan, Jebung - Feresy

19 Juli 2022

JVSAN is a singer-producer who was born in Jakarta and has worked with personalities such as Skinnyfabs, Noui, Lyn Lapid, Sara Fajira, Reikko, Caesi and many more.

His story is all the more remarkable considering that he only started writing original songs in 2019. But he has been involved in music for most of his life, starting with piano in the third grade, before taking a degree in Composing in a music university for 5 years. 

In collaboration with a young female singer who recently went viral on TikTok named JEBUNG, who currently has 3 singles, of which “Cassava” is one of her singles. The song Cassava was written by jebung himself, a unique song with an RnB nuance, with an instrumental touch of Chill/Ambience. JEBUNG is a songwriter, content creator, podcaster, and student at the University of Indonesia who was born in Jakarta in 2001, all of his songs are composed by Jebung.


Teaming up with a TikTok famous vocalist Jebung, who sang on “Cassava”, they made a unique song in the RnB genre, with a touch of some Chill/Ambience instrumentals.

Despite his anti-mainstream genre in Indonesia, he said “Everyone told me how a bunch of people in the industry start out by putting out stuff that would sell nicely in Indonesia. Ideally, that will get you more popular more easily, but I didn’t want to enter the music industry that way.”

This release is another part of JVSAN’s musical journey ever since he found his escape in music. He continues to pursue his belief in creating imaginative, unconventional music that is currently still widely unappreciated by the masses. With this song in mind, JVSAN recreates another part of the emotions that he feels turned into music.

Feresy is the fear that your partner is changing in ways you can’t understand even though they might be changes for the best, because it forces you to wonder whether your relationship needs careful nudges to fall into balance, or if the relationship and the person you once knew is gone.


“I can’t describe the Feresy that’s coming between us”

In this collaboration between JVSAN and Jebung, the two artists disguised their feeling of a mixed relationship into a song. JVSAN’s composition was able to complement the melancholy tune of the song, which Jebung intends to pour out into her vocals.

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