[Relase] Jebung - Indo Black Magic Ft. Basboi

28 Oktober 2022

Jessica Sabar Bungauli or Jebung, released her latest single entitled “Indo Black Magic”. Jebung’s 4th single was released in the pop and R&B genres. The song is about the beauty and diversity of Indonesian women who can steal someone’s heart and attention, just like black magic.

The inspiration for “Indo Black Magic” came from the request of @jebung’s followers to make a song about witchcraft. Then, Jebung made a song with the theme of witchcraft, with a duration of 15 seconds. After being made, Jebung felt that the theme of the song was very interesting.

About the song’s beat, Jebung was inspired by Afro or Latin songs. “I liked listening to the music, then I thought I could modify the afro with dangdut,” said Jebung. Apparently, the collaboration of two genres resulted in a very interesting beat for the single “Indo Black Magic.”

In “Indo Black Magic”, Jebung chose Basboi as a rapper. “I really like his music and want to make something with Basboi,” said Jebung. In the end, the opportunity came in the single “Indo Black Magic”. “I feel Basboi is very suitable and he also likes the beat and the message of this single,” said Jebung.

Jebung raised the idea of bewitching Indonesian women’s beauty as if by black magic. She hoped that the single “Indo Black Magic” could boost confidence for Indonesian women.

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