[Relase] Weswey – Tolong Bilang

6 Januari 2023

Boredom in Relationships Inspires Weswey to Create a Song Titled “Tolong Bilang”

Viki Rian Andriawan or Weswey was born in Bandung, December 9, 1998. Weswey is a young musician full of talent as evidenced by his voice quality, experience and achievements. As a talented young man, Weswey has participated in auditions, such as; Indonesian Idol and The Voice. In 2015, Weswey successfully won 1st place in the English Singing Competition at the West Java Province level and 1st place in Male Solo Vocal. Currently, Weswey has joined Acuan Entertainment and is ready to release a new single as his first step into the world of music.

Weswey is known for his song cover video content. Initially, Weswey went viral because of his cover video of Naif’s “Karena Kamu Cuma Satu” which was successfully watched more than 12 million times on TikTok. In addition, Weswey is also very popular on Youtube with 243K subscribers.

This time, Weswey created a new single based on his love experience. Weswey was inspired by boredom in a relationship a few years ago. The twists and turns of young people’s love stories caged by “boredom” are painful experiences. Weswey also felt this way.

Weswey poured out his journey through the song “Tolong Bilang” created by Ilham Baso. Weswey decided to release the song “Tolong Bilang” because it relates to his own life and love story.

The song “Tolong Bilang” talks about a man who was ‘hung’ by his girlfriend because he was bored. However, the lover chose to disappear and leave his partner without leaving a word. “The man didn’t accept it and told it through this song “Tolong Bilang”,” Weswey explains. The song suggests that if you’re in a relationship of boredom, then tell your partner.

Weswey brings the Pop genre to wrap his new single entitled “Tolong Bilang”. The main instrument of the acoustic guitar and combined with Weswey’s distinctive and soft voice make the song “Tolong Bilang” easily penetrate into the hearts of listeners.

The latest single “Tolong Bilang” brings great hope for Weswey. “Hopefully this song can be recognized by many people, especially for those who have the same love story,” said Weswey. In addition, the song “Tolong Bilang” can be a means to relieve feelings due to boredom. In “Tolong Bilang”, Weswey also leaves a valuable message. “The point is, don’t waste someone, and if you’re bored in a relationship, it’s better to say so,” Weswey said.


Tolong Bilang Music Video


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